Ear Stretching - Gauges Kits w/Aftercare

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We take ear stretching seriously, that is why these stretching kits contain ALL the tools neccessary to stretch your earlobes. Tapers, Tunnels, Plugs, Aftercare balm/oil

- Ear Aftercare: This is a MUST HAVE item to keep your earlobes healthy, moisturized and enables a better stretching experience. Our kits come with either Jojoba Oil OR Holey Buttr. Both are great to use while stretching your lobes.

2PC Piercing Aftercare Set | Jojoba Oil Ear Balm | Gauges Ear Lobe Tunnel Plug Taper Expander | Natural Recovery Solution Pure Unrefined Skin Treatment Vitamins - BodyJ4you
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2PC Piercing Aftercare Set - Joj...

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