BodyJ4You 4PC Gauges Kit Ear Stretch Aftercare Jojoba Oil Wax 8G-20mm Black Steel Tunnel Plug Taper Set

BodyJ4You 4PC Gauges Kit Ear Stretch Aftercare Jojoba Oil Wax 8G-20mm Black Steel Tunnel Plug Taper Set

Discount Price: $10.99
00G (10mm), Purple Black
12mm (1/2"), Purple Black
16mm (5/8"), Purple Black
00G (10mm), Pink
0G (8mm), Pink
12mm (1/2"), Pink
16mm (5/8"), Pink
14mm (9/16"), Pink
18mm (11/16"), Pink
20mm (13/16"), Pink
2G (6mm), Pink
00G (10mm), White
0G (8mm), White
12mm (1/2"), White
14mm (9/16"), White
16mm (5/8"), White
18mm (11/16"), White
20mm (13/16"), White
2G (6mm), White
00G (10mm), Clear
0G (8mm), Clear
12mm (1/2"), Clear
14mm (9/16"), Clear
16mm (5/8"), Clear
18mm (11/16"), Clear
20mm (13/16"), Clear
2G (6mm), Clear
00G (10mm), Black
0G (8mm), Black
10G (8mm), Black
12G (6mm), Black
12mm (1/2"), Black
14mm (5/8"), Black
16mm (5/8"), Black
18mm (11/16"), Black
20mm (13/16"), Black
22mm (7/8"), Black
24mm (15/16"), Black
25mm (1"), Black
2G (6mm), Black
4G (5mm), Black
6G (4mm), Black
8G (3mm), Black

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Body stretching has become a common practice, particularly in earlobes. The term "gauges" often refers to the size of the opening and jewelry. 

Jojoba oil is the liquid that comes from the seed of the Simmondsia Chinensis (jojoba) plant,
which is a shrub native to Southern Arizona, Southern California, and Northwestern Mexico.

Oil contains beneficial ingredients, including vitamin E, vitamin B complex, silicon, chromium, copper, zinc.

Set includes:

  • 1 Pair (2 pieces) of Single Flare Surgical Steel Tunnels

  • 1 Pair (2 pieces) of Black Acrylic Tapers

  • Jojoba Oil 1 Bottle, 5 Milligrams (0.17 fl oz) in a dark amber glass bottle with orifice reducer dispenser (0.040")

Sizes available:

  • 8G (3 mm)
  • 6G (4 mm)
  • 4G (5 mm)
  • 2G (6 mm)
  • 0G (8 mm)
  • 00G (10 mm)
  • 12 mm (1/2")
  • 14 mm (9/16")
  • 16 mm (5/8")
  • 18 mm (11/16")
  • 20 mm (13/16")

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