BodyJ4You Nose Ring Stud Bone Kit Created-Opal Set Stainless Steel 4 Pieces

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Nose stud Piercing. Gauge - The most common nose piercing gauge is 20 gauge.
That is the gauge most professional piercers use for nose piercings.
A nose screw or nose stud are the best styles for initial piercings.
If you switch to a nose bone too quickly, the piercing may start to heal around the bulb at the bottom and cause problems.
Nose studs that are bent into an L shape are not as secure as the nose screw. Many people want a smaller hole in their nose, so they go down to 20 gauge or 22 gauge which are thinner than 18 gauge. Some nose piercings are 16 gauge (thicker than 18 gauge), but they are less common and there are not very many 16 gauge nose rings available. We carry a large selection of nose bones, nose screws, bend to fit nose studs and nose studs in 22 gauge, 20 gauge and 18 gauge.

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