50PC Tongue Barbells Nipple Rings 14G Aftercare Sea Salt Steel Flexible Piercing

50PC Tongue Barbells Nipple Rings 14G Aftercare Sea Salt Steel Flexible Piercing

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Tongue Piercing: Permanent or long term piercing of the tongue is part of the resurgence of body piercing in contemporary society.
Tongues are pierced with straight barbell style jewelry. Because of the frequent movement of the tongue, jewelry size and comfort is especially important.

Nipple Piercing: Nipple piercing has gained much popularity in recent years with many celebrities and fashion models having this type of piercing.
Many people are motivated to get a nipple piercing for personal reasons including for self-expression and to feel unique.
A nipple piercing is a body piercing, centered usually at the base of the nipple. It can be pierced at any angle but is usually done horizontally.

Aftercare Sea Salt: Using this Recovery Sea Salt, derived from the mineral-rich Dead Sea, a body of water that is almost devoid of pollution and sodium chloride,
you can give irritated skin or new piercings an assuaging, all-natural recovery.

The Recovery Sea Salt allows you to mix up to 60 sea salts for both healing and therapeutic purposes.

Materials available:

  • Bioflex Plastic
  • Surgical Stainless Steel

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