Bracelet Healing Natural Stone Power Crystal Stretch Beaded Jewelry

Bracelet Healing Natural Stone Power Crystal Stretch Beaded Jewelry

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Genuine gemstones are known to help you stay balanced. They can give off certain vibrations and properties that help balance, align and cleanse your 7 chakras.
This bracelet is approximately 8-8.5" inches in circumference with an elastic band for easy wear. It is made from high quality genuine gemstones beads. They are a little over ¼" in width and are very smooth to the touch. This is a unisex bracelet for both men and women.
These come in a variety of stones that can be matched with your mood or outfit. They come in many beautiful colors that will compliment any look. Layer them for many different color combinations and for the spiritual properties you are looking for within.
The bracelets are made up one of the gemstones that have the properties below-
- Crystal Quartz, Clear in color (energizes and activates your chakras)
- Amethyst, Purple in color (gives protection and spiritual growth)
- Blue Lapis, Blue in color (releases stress and brings harmony)
- Green Aventurine,Green in Color (brings luck and prosperity)
Citrine, pale yellow in color (brings luck and good fortune)
Rose Quartz, pale pink in color (soothing and lowers stress)
Agate, burnt orange in color (grounding and has a calming effect).
African Turquoise, soft blue green in color (encouraging energy to open the mind)
Agate, yellow to mint green in color, (soothes the spirit and calms the soul)
Tiger's Eye, natural browns and gold in color (gives strength, power, integrity, bringing sharpness to one's inner vision and better understanding)
Black Obsidian, smooth black in color (cleanses and shields against negativity) Please note that the gemstones are all unique in style and shape and each one might vary in color.
This bracelet can be bought at a set or by the individual color. It would be a great gift item for any special occasion, holiday, birthday, or a present for yourself!


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