Cufflinks Assorted Modern Classic Designs Wedding Business Men Pair Fashion Jewelry

Cufflinks Assorted Modern Classic Designs Wedding Business Men Pair Fashion Jewelry

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Manual Speed Gear, Silvertone, Round
Vintage Pattern, Silvertone, Square
Lucky Dice Shaped, Silvertone
Black Herringbone, Silvertone, Square
Blue Stone, Silvertone, Rectangular
Bullet Shaped, Silvertone Goldtone
Purple Checkerboard, Silvertone, Round
Thermometer, Silvertone, Round
4 Aces Cards Shaped, Silvertone
Nautical Anchor Shaped, Silvertone
Classic Patter, Silvertone, Rectangular
Maroon Stone, Silvertone, Oval
White Checkerboard, Silvertone, Round
Blue Maze, Silvertone, Square
Etched Texture, Silvertone, Oval
Star of David, Silvertone, Round
Treble Clef, Silvertone, Round
Checkerboard, Silvertone, Oval
Grey Pattern, Silvertone, Rectangular
Blue Checkerboard, Silvertone, Round
Goldtone Pattern, Silvertone, Round
Music Note, Silvertone, Round
CZ Crystals, Silvertone, Round
Maroon Enamel, Silvertone, Round
Zebra Print, Silvertone, Square
White Enamel, Silvertone, Round
Encrusted CZ, Silvertone, Round
Paved Crystals, Silvertone, Round
Electric Guitar Shaped, Silvertone
Liquid Level Shaped, Silvertone
Hourglass Timer Shaped, Silvertone
Rubik's Cube Shaped, Silvertone
Twisted Knot Shaped, Silvertone
Compass, Silvertone, Round
Rope Knot Shaped, Silvertone
Maroon Circle, Silvertone, Round
Medallion, Goldtone, Round
Braided Cylinder Shaped, Silvertone
Two-Tone Ball Shaped, Silvertone
Smooth Polish, Silvertone, Rectangular
Rose Goldtone, Rectangular
Brown Triangles, Rose Gold, Rectangular
Checkerboard, Rose Goldtone, Round
Black Circle, Rose Goldtone, Round
Brushed Black, Rose Goldtone, Round
Metallic Circle, Rose Goldtone, Round
Cylinders, Rose Goldtone, Round
Steampunk, Rose Goldtone, Round
Beige Enamel, Rose Goldtone, Round
World Map, Silvertone, Oval
Green Art Deco, Silvertone, Square
Watch Mechanism, Silvertone, Round
Watch Mechanism, Goldtone, Round
White Lace, Silvertone, Square
I love my Wife, Silvertone, Square
Best Man, Silvertone, Rectangular
Bulls Eye, Silvertone, Round
Billiard 8 Ball Shaped, Silvertone
Soccer Ball Shaped, Silvertone
Tailor Ruler Shaped, Silvertone
Matte White Stone, Silvertone, Round
Music Treble Shaped, Silvertone
Shark Shaped, Silvertone
Best Man, Silvertone, Square
Mr. Right, Goldtone, Round
Blue LED, Silvertone, Round

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No modern man of style's accessories collection is considered complete without the addition of some sleek cufflinks.
Made out of alloy and plated in a polished rhodium, the pieces included in this set are durable and fashionable.

Suave and elegant style features three sets of cufflinks and clips designed to accentuate your look.

What Are Cufflinks? Cufflinks are tools for fastening shirt cuffs closed. They’re an alternative to the buttons that are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs. 
A cufflink fastens a shirt by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff opening, then swinging into a locked or fixed position to hold the sides together.

How to Fasten a Cuff with Cufflinks? Cufflinks can be worn with single cuffs, which look just like a regular buttoning dress shirt’s cuffs but with holes on both sides of the opening,
or with doubled-back “French” cuffs. To fasten the cuff, the holes on both side of the cuff opening are lined up, the cufflink is inserted through so that the post runs all the way through all the holes,
and the link is then set into its closed position.

We strive to bring you the highest quality jewelry at unbeatable prices. This is why we are sure you will be more than satisfied with our services.

Here at BodyJ4you we offer a specialized customer service team that is available seven days a week to answer any product questions before, during or after the purchase.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you may return your unused item within 90 days of purchase.


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As expected

Arrived on time and were as described.

Mechanical cufflink

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Would highly recommend. looks and feels great. Has some weight to it to


Excellent all around

Five Stars

very well made was surprised at the quality

Five Stars

I gotten a lot of positive comments on these after wearing them on date night with my wife!