BodyJ4You 36PC Gauges Kit Acrylic Taper Plug 14G-00G Ear Stretching Set

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BodyJ4You 36PCS Gauges Kit Stainless Steel Tapers Acrylic Plugs 14G-00G Ear Stretching Set

Body stretching has become a common practice, particularly in earlobes. The term "gauges" often refers to the size of the opening and jewelry. 
In order to keep your widened ear piercings clean (and free from infection), you must perform routine cleaning of your jewelry. 

Set includes:

Plugs and Tapers (1 Pair of each Size):

  • 14G (1.6mm)
  • 12G (2mm)
  • 10G (2.4mm)
  • 8G (3.2mm)
  • 6G (4mm)
  • 4G (5mm)
  • 2G (6mm)
  • 0G (8mm)
  • 00G (10mm)

Stretch your ears with our taper kit. Stretching your ears can be expensive but with these stretching kits you get a great deal because you get the tapers for each size as well as good quality ear Taper Kit for each ear.

Follow after-care guidelines any time you get a new piercing or move up a size, and keep your healed piercings clean.
With just a bit of daily attention, you can keep your gauges healthy and fresh.

We strive to bring you the highest quality jewelry at unbeatable prices. 
This is why we are sure you will be more than satisfied with our services. 

Here at BodyJ4you we offer a specialized customer service team that is available seven days a week to
answer any product questions before, during or after the purchase.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you may return your unused item within 90 days of purchase.


  • 18 Pieces Acrylic Taper Stretching Kit 14G - 00G & 16 Pieces Plugs Set 14G - 00G Ear Expander Kit
  • Radiance Aurora Acrylic Tapers = 14G (1.6mm) 12G (2mm), 10G (2.4mm), 8G (3.2mm), 6G (4mm), 4G (5mm), 2G (6mm), 0G (8mm), 00G (10mm) - 2 qty of each size
  • Acrylic Plugs with Doble O-Ring = 14G (1.6mm), 12G (2mm), 10G (2.4mm), 8G (3.2mm), 6G (4mm), 4G (5mm), 2G (6mm), 0G (8mm), 00G (10mm) - 2 qty of each size
  • Each taper and plug size is individually packaged and sized verified.
  • The Shiny Sparkly Gauges Kit - Radiance Aurora

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