Top 3 Unique Piercing Trends of 2023: Stand Out and Express Your Individuality with BodyJ4You

Top 3 Unique Piercing Trends of 2023: Stand Out and Express Your Individuality with BodyJ4You

If you want to start your year with a bang, go for an uncommon piercing that will make you stand out, even in the piercing community. These are (drumroll please) the joker piercing, the rhino piercing, and the angel bites piercing. 

This blog will walk you through the pain scale, healing process, and aftercare of these out-there piercings. And, of course, what kind of jewelry will make your new stand-out piercing pop. 💁‍♀️

Dahlia (Joker) Piercing


The dahlia or joker piercing consists of two studs on either side of the mouth. The original name for this piercing has some pretty sinister roots. It’s named after the ‘Black Dahlia’ — an actress murdered in 1947 who was found with a smile cut into her face. It has been nicknamed the ‘Joker’ piercing after the scars on the infamous Batman character.

For some, the macabre roots add to the edginess of the piercing, or you may just want to draw attention to your luscious lips. Whatever your reasoning, this piercing is certainly eye-catching. 




 How Much Does a Dahlia Piercing Hurt?

Now, we can’t tell you exactly how painful you will personally find this piercing. Everyone’s pain threshold is different. 

However, on a piercing pain scale of 1-10 (10 being the most painful), dahlia piercings are around a 4/10. Any piercings around the lip can be a bit more painful as it’s a sensitive area of the body. Since you’re getting two piercings, if you have a low pain threshold, you can ask your piercer to take a break between the two.

Regardless of how much it hurts to get this piercing, you will probably experience swelling, and the site will be tender for a few days. 

How Long Does a Dahlia Piercing Take to Heal?


On average, you can expect your dahlia piercing to heal within 12 to 20 weeks. However, healing time differs from person to person and depends on how strictly you keep up your aftercare. 

Dahlia Piercing Aftercare

Like any new piercing, you want to pay attention to your piercing aftercare routine. Taking care of your new Dahlia piercing makes such a difference to the healing time and your chance of infection. 

Here are some simple steps to ensure your piercing heals as quickly and as safely as possible:

  1. Wash your hands before you touch your new piercing.
  2. Clean your mouth with a safe mouthwash - like this sea salt mouth rinse.
  3. Spray your piercing with a saline solution.
  4. Be careful when eating or drinking not to bump the piercing.
  5. Avoid immersing the piercing in water. No swimming or taking a bath until it’s fully healed.


Since this piercing is so close to your teeth, you’ve got to watch out for what you chew. Preferably not your new piercing. 😅

Dahlia Piercing Jewelry 

The best jewelry for a dahlia or joker piercing is a flat back stud or a clicker ring. Your piercer will probably use a flat back stud as your initial jewelry, but once your piercing has fully healed, you can have some fun trying different styles. 

If you want to go for something a bit more snazzy, try out this silvertone steel stud



Or get creative and try out different colors, like this electric blue segment ring


Rhino Piercing


You may not have heard of a rhino piercing, and we don’t blame you. They’re pretty uncommon in Western culture. 

Popular in South American and African tribal cultures, the rhino piercing is a bar that goes from your septum through the tip of your nose. The boldness of this nose piercing is great if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

How is a Rhino Piercing Done?

A deep rhino piercing (one that goes through the tip of your nose) is done by pushing a needle between the cartilage in your nose. This has to be done by an experienced piercer to make sure the hole is in the right place and misses the bone. 😬

How Much Does a Rhino Piercing Hurt?


Some say that it’s more uncomfortable than painful, but this will depend on your pain tolerance. The needle has to make two holes so you will feel the initial pain of a piercing twice. On a scale of 1-10, rhino piercings are about a 3/10. 

How Long Does a Rhino Piercing Take to Heal?

A rhino piercing should take about 4-6 weeks to heal fully. To aid healing, try not to play with your piercing or touch it other than when cleaning it. 

Rhino Piercing Aftercare

So you’ve stepped out of the piercing studio, happy with your new rhino piercing. Now what? Well, you’re going to want a good aftercare routine

Here is a simple aftercare routine for your rhino piercing:

  1. Wash your hands before you touch your new piercing.
  2. Clean your piercing twice a day with a saline solution. 
  3. Gently dab dry with a paper towel.
  4. Use a piercing bump solution to reduce the chance of bumps appearing. 
  5. Don’t go swimming or have a bath until it’s fully healed.


Rhino Piercing Jewelry

For a rhino piercing, you’ll want either a straight barbell or a curved barbell. Luckily, there are so many different styles of these barbells to choose from. 

If you’re looking for a pop of color, the straight rainbow barbell is the one for you. 



If you want to add even more of an edge to this unique piercing, go for this studded curved barbell


Angel Bite Piercings



Sitting symmetrically on your upper lip, the angel bite piercing combines the Madonna and the Monroe piercings. Not to be confused with the more popular snake bite piercings on your lower lip. (Psst, you can find out about all the different lip piercings here.)

This uncommon piercing draws attention to your lips, making your pout stand out. 💋

How Much Do Angel Bite Piercings Hurt?

As we mentioned before, the mouth is a pretty sensitive area, so piercings can hurt here a little more. 

On a scale of 1-10, angel bite piercings come in around a 6/10 pain-wise. 

How Long Do Angel Bite Piercings Take to Heal?


On average, angel bite piercings take around 12-16 weeks to heal. As we’ve mentioned already, taking good care of your piercing will aid the healing process. So remember your aftercare routine!

Angel Bite Piercings Aftercare

We may sound like a broken record, but a good aftercare routine is vital. It’s particularly important for mouth piercings since they can come into close contact with food.

Your aftercare routine for an angel bite piercing will be similar to that of a dahlia piercing. So here is how you can take care of your new mouth piercing:

  1. Wash your hands before you touch your new piercing.
  2. Clean your mouth with sea salt mouthwash three times a day - DO NOT use normal mouthwash. 
  3. Spray your piercing with a saline solution.
  4. Be careful when eating or drinking not to bump the piercing
  5. Wait until your piercing is fully healed until you go for a swim or have a bath. 

Angel Bite Piercings Jewelry

Just like the dahlia piercing, it’s best to opt for a flat back stud to put in your angel bite piercings. 

Since it consists of two piercings, you have more room to play around with jewelry. You can go classic and match your studs or have fun trying different combinations of studs. 

Try out different-shaped studs with this heart and star bar set.



Or mix it up with different colors with this three-piece Monroe stud set


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