The Curated Ear Piercing Trend | 2018 Piercing Trend | BodyJ4You

The Curated Ear Piercing Trend | 2018 Piercing Trend | BodyJ4You

If you’re into ear piercings then you know what the buzz word curated ear means.

It’s a term coined by jewelry maker and piercer, Maria Tash. She is quoted describing the curated ear as "It describes styling of the ear with jewelry in a very deliberate and beautiful way. Something that resonates with the wearer's personal aesthetic."

What is a curated ear?

A curated ear piercing is an ear that is full of earrings, but carefully curated so that the piercings and jewelry all go together. Over are the days where you would slowly get an ear piercing added to your ear, now it's trendy to go and get all the piercings done at once with the end goal being a carefully pierced ear filled with matched jewelry pieces.

How its done:

This type of piercing job is better left to a piercing professional. While we at BodyJ4You offer the piercing kits and essentials needed for this type of ear piercing job we recommend taking our piercing kit to your local piercing shop. The pirecer will do more than just stick needles into your ear. The piercer will take a look at your ear anatomy, which is taking into consideration the shape and size of your ear. Different factors come into play when getting ear piercings, a person may have a smaller tragus than others therefore making it difficult to pierce that area. Each person's ear is diverse from the next. So it's common for piercers to make recommendations on piercings that would work with your specific ear anatomy. Because not every piercing will work for everyone.

Then it’s up to you and the piercer to collaborate on where you want the piercings and which jewelry will go where.

We recommend that before going into a piercing shop you have some idea or even earring jewelry with you. That way your curated ear is styled to your specific aesthetic.

Plan ahead:

This type of ear piercing takes careful preparation. The curated ear is customized specifically for you, so spend some time planning where you want the piercings to go and how many piercings you want. Every ear is different so what looks good on a friend may not necessarily be right for you due to the shape of each of your ears. Planning out your piercings and laying them out in a way suitable for you is a good way to compliment the shape of your ear.

Since multiple piercings are done at once take note that your ear will be healing from all those piercings at once as well. Head over to our  “Ear Piercing 101” post to be informed on how to take care of a newly pierced ear.

Planning ahead has advantages too, I believe it gives you more room for creativity. You have the time to figure out what you like and don't like when searching for ideas. Also if you already have piercings, take this time to plan how your new piercings will look with your current ear piercings, that way they don’t interfere with one another in a negative way.

Have fun with curating your ear:

Just like when someone gets a tattoo, the tattoo has meaning and was carefully given thought about before being permanent on their skin. The curated ear should be a fun way to enhance your style, or even change up your ear style completely. Go for the look you feel most comfortable with.

Curated Ear Inspiration:

Here are a few curated ears we have created with our BodyJ4You earrings! These ideas should inspire you to be creative and have fun with the idea of multiple ear piercings!


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