Beginners Guide - How To Stretch Your Ear Lobes With BodyJ4You Tapers Kit - Ear Stretching Kit

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Before you start stretching your earlobes...

  • The first thing you need to do is determine what size you are currently at for jewelry.
  • A piercer will generally start your ears off at 16g or 14g. However, it depends on your piercer - so please check.
  • If you used a piercing gun then it’s likely your lobes are pierced at 20g or 18g.
  • Clean your newly pierced ear lobes regularly.
  • Be sure to wait 4–6 months for your new piercing to heal before attempting to stretch.
  • To properly stretch your ear lobes, you need to go slowly and one size at a time.
  • Most gauges kits start at 14g and go up to 00g. 14g is the common size to start stretching.
  • If your ears are at a 20g-18g, then start at a 16g taper & plug size.
  • Using a gauges kit is the most ​cost-effective​ way to stretch your ears.

Here's how to start!

  • STEP 1
  1. Remove any piercing jewelry in your lobe

  • STEP 2

2. Clean your piercing site (we suggest using a saline spray)

  • STEP 3

3. Massage your ear lobes for a few minutes - this helps get your ear ready for the stretch.

  • STEP 4

4. Add lubricant to your ear lobe (we recommend Jojoba Oil or BodyJ4You ear stretching balm) AND your taper.

  • STEP 5

5. Take your taper and thread the small end through your ear piercing. (if this hurts more than a pinch/sting STOP - you do not want to tear your lobes).

  • STEP 6

6. Push the taper almost all the way through

  • STEP 7

7. Take your plug and add lubricant to it. Jojoba oil or ear stretching aftercare balm.

  • STEP 8

8. Push the plug through the larger size of the taper and thread it through your ear lobe as you pull out the taper.

  • STEP 9

9. Make sure to secure the back of the plug with either an o-ring or screw on back.

  • Before Your Next Stretch...

​Your next stretch should only be done when your ears are fully healed from your last


It's recommended to wait at least 1 month and up to 2 months before stretching

again, but the timing will be different for everyone.

Keep note of how your ears feel, and

always STOP if you experience any bleeding or pain.


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