Instagram Answers What You Need To Know About Nipple Piercings!

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Instagram Answers What You Need To Know About Nipple Piercings!

Let's talk about female and male body piercings....nipple piercings to be exact. We went to Instagram and asked "What was your nipple piercing experience like & are you happy with it?". Once we asked this question we received lots of great comments about individuals nipple piercing experience's, responses about nipple piercing healing times and after care, and those thinking about getting a nipple piercing done! With all the responses we received we want to share this valuable information with you! The purpose of this post is to share these experiences with you so you have an idea of what to expect when getting your nipples pierced. If you would like to add any suggestions or responses, please leave a comment on this post and we will add your response to the post.

Responses from BodyJ4You's question "Are you happy with your nipple piercings? & What was your nipple piercing experience like?"

  • z_o_e_morton: Yesss! I adore mine! Can't imagine not having it now and it gives me so much confidence and self love ❤️

  • smile_youre_beautiful_10 same here! And didn't hurt much either

  • sdsaunders69 Thought about having it done. My g/f was totally wanting hers done. So we did it together!! I even went 1st. We love the increased sensitivity for both of us!!

  • littleecoffeeebeann I used to hate my nipples being touched until I got mine done!

  • lizard89 So SO worth it! I love my nipple rings so much 😊😊 big confidence booster

  • @stonepark1989 it’s not for everyone. Everyone has their own style!
  • oldschoolcustomsbe Had them pierced and thinking of doing it again! Because 1 was pulled out with a badminton racket 🤣 kinda an accident and the other one don't know 🤣
  • afangirlyoucantsweatout They’re rad as f*ck!!

  • usuicid I have them. My piercer that I used to go to was the worse and had a horrible experience getting them pierced. He didn’t even tell me when he was putting the needle in and was super rude. Other than that I really like them haha

  • kxmui I want them so bad 😩

  • issaqueena I Want Them... But I’m Afraid Of The Pain & Healing Process ☹️😥

  • jord.renae mine only hurt when i got them/for two days after and are healing BEAUTIFULLY! antibacterial soap is a MUST!!

  • cinnamonpuppi mine didn’t hurt at all getting them pierced!! it was a couple sore for the days after but nothing crazy. just keep em clean

  • april.kaye it doesn’t really hurt, it’s just really uncomfortable. But it’s over super fast and they’re really pretty. Just make sure to follow the healing advice and clean them twice a day with salt water (since they can get infected easily) but the healing time goes way faster than you’d think

  • homicidal.bunni I don’t think I’d get them but they’re cute but I do want cute tattoos around them cause that seems less scary

  • z_o_e_morton I got my right nipple pierced 3 months ago, after I turned 18. I absolutely love it. Since I was 12, I've had what seems like constant checkups for ovarian cysts, cysts and lumps on my breasts and lymph glands, so it's a massive boost of confidence for me! Even if no one else were to see it, it makes me feel sexy and happy. It's also hella hot! I was really lucky actually, as I have quite a high pain threshold, and it barely hurt at all! It just felt like I'd been bitten or something. My friend came with me when I got it done, and she held my foot and then got her eyebrow pierced. That was an awesome day, and it's healed beautifully!!

  • donttjudgemee I literally got mine done today. I was so scared. It hurt but it’s fast

  • @n3kochann_ you can get numbing cream that they used for tattoos. Let it set for an hour and then get them pierced. You feel nothing at all. Just got mines done.


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