Professional Piercing Kit Stainless Steel 14G 16G 18G Belly Button Nipple Lip Nose Jewelry

Professional Piercing Kit Stainless Steel 14G 16G 18G Belly Button Nipple Lip Nose Jewelry

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Body Piercing Jewelry has become the most effective way of expressing one’s personality. 
There are so many different types of body piercings you can get, so we've created a Piercing Set for all your needs. 
All body jewelry made of surgical stainless steel. 

Piercing kit includes everything you need:

  • 3 Piercing Needles 14G, 16G and 18G (100% sterilized using ethylene oxide (EO) gas)
  • 1 Ball Closure Ring 14G (for eyebrow, nipple, lip, nose)
  • 1 Straight Barbell 14G (tongue, nipple, cartilage)
  • 1 Curved Barbell 14G (navel)
  • 1 Labret Stud 16G (lip, tragus, cartilage)
  • 1 Curved Nose Ring 18G (nose)
  • 1 Piercing Disposable Clamps (100% sterilized using ethylene oxide (EO) gas) 
  • 2 Black Latex Gloves (100% Powder Free)
  • 2 Alcohol Pads

Colors available:

  • Black
  • Goldtone
  • Rainbow
  • Rose Goldtone
  • Silvertone

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Good stuff.

My girlfriend pierced my nipples with this kit, and I've given piercings here and there with this. I recommend.

Decent 👌🏻

Decent kit pierced my ears cause out of all my piercings my ears where a pain in the ass and i cant afford to get em pierced again! Should provide 14g needles with 16g jewelry and 12g with 14g jewelry so the process if putting jewelry in is easier also i got 5 16g needles and 2 15g which i found weird but the 14g where fine(besides one being partly open) it also needs more gloves and i found my self using the gloves to take of the balls of jewelry because they were stuck on there but the product worked fine the needle went right through without a problem and the jewelry is pretty nice if I ever wanted to buy a new kit would probably buy this one (dont pierce your self at home okay i did it cause i have some experience and dont have the funds for a piercing to be professionally piercing at home can lead to a bunch of problems since most people dont know where to pierce and other stuff do what i say and not as i do)

You get exactly what is advertised!

Came on time and is as described. So far, I have done 4 separate piercings (1 cartilage, 2 helix, and 1 nostril), using the 15g needle and 16g jewelry. They include several extra needles, in 13g and 15g, for free.After doing my own research, I found that you CAN use a 16g needle with 16g jewelry. You insert the jewelry into the head of the needle, NOT the back. Makes sense. I checked and the jewelry does fit the head of the needle; for those that gave a negative review. This kit is very nice, for a beginner like myself. It's all sanitary. Needles are nice and sharp. The jewelry isn't half bad, especially for piercing jewelry. The 14g jewelry includes multiple long barbells and cbr. The 16g is more horseshoe, curved barbells and labret studs.You will not be let down, buying this kit!

Nose piercing!

I had my SIL(she’s a nurse) do my nose and Monroe for me. I bought a 20g ring separately and used the 18g needle thankfully or it would not have worked. She redid my Monroe but the one this kit comes with is a 14g bar. I double checked with an old bellybutton bar and it was a match😒 so my experience is all the jewelry was too big for the needles and I suggest getting jewelry the size smaller of your intended needle. I’m super pleased with my nose ring though 😍 and this was still worth it just for the needles and clamps.I received a nose ring, nose/ear ring, Monroe/labret ring, bellybutton ring and straight barbell and 2 of each needle with everything else mentioned. Overall I am pleased with my purchase. Got my nose pierced for less than $20 🤙

love what i got

Great product. Will order from them again.