Ear Stretching Guide The Top 20 Questions About Stretching Your Ear Lobes

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Ear Stretching Guide The Top 20 Questions About Stretching Your Ear Lobes

Ear Stretching Guide The Top 20 Questions About Stretching Your Ear Lobes.

  1. Can your ears go back to normal after stretching? This depends on a few things...your skin's elasticity, how big you stretched your ears, if you experienced a blowout while stretching...etc. This isn't a yes or no question, it really depends on each individual because we are all different. Although a definite way to get your ears back to “normal” size is surgery.
  2. How long does it take for a stretched ear to heal? This depends on each person. Although sources say that 6 weeks is the minimum time to wait between stretches. Professional piercers recommend that you wait between 2-6 months between each stretch. The extra time allows your ears to have more time to heal and lower risk of tearing your lobes. The longer you wait the healthier and happier your lobes will be!
  3. How do you start stretching your ears? You start the ear stretching process with first getting your ears pierced, then letting them heal. Once they are fully healed look into getting a gauge kit and ear lube. (you can find both here: Gauge Kit, Ear Stretching Lube) Read our blog post about ear stretching safety: CLICK HERE
  4. Is ear stretching cultural appropriation? According to Dr Matt Lodder, body modification historian and Director of American Studies at the University of Essex...“Dr Lodder believes 'the main locus of criticism should always be on the appropriation of the belief system' rather than the practice itself. 'Don't go around claiming that stretching your ears is a deeply "spiritual" practice unless you've actually carefully studied the complex and multi-layered reasons behind the cultures who use ear stretching as part of normative rituals, share those cultural heritages, and gained the authority to do so having lived amongst the communities you claim to be "admiring",' he says. 'Otherwise, acknowledge that stretching earlobes and other piercing practices have their own histories in Western subcultures, and that you're doing it because you think they look good, you wish to experiment with and understand your own body, and they're part of the contemporary cultures in which you move.' Dr Lodder adds, 'if people want to experiment with their own bodies, that is not and won't ever be appropriation. If they want to layer those experiments with culturally-specific meanings, communications and belief systems from cultures they themselves do not belong to, then those same practices become appropriative.” source
  5. Is ear stretching permanent? Every person is different. Depending on how elastic your ears are, and how big you stretched your lobes will be the determinant of how much you ears are able to bounce back to “normal” size.
  6. Is ear stretching painful? Ear stretching should not be too painful. Yes, there will be some discomfort, but your ears should not be screaming in pain. If this is so please go to your local piercer for care.
  7. Is ear stretching supposed to hurt? When sizing up your ears may be sore, but you should not be in pain.
  8. Can ear stretching cause headaches? If you stretch to fast a headache may be a side effect.
  9. How ear stretching works? Check out our blog post on how to stretch your ears (to read more CLICK HERE)
  10. How did ear stretching become popular? We believe it has been popularized by the body modification community. Also celebrities are making ear stretching more “popular” just look at Chester Bennington, Lil Wayne, Travis McCoy and Adam Lambert.
  11. How to make ear stretching less painful? The process of stretching your ears is uncomfortable and will cause discomfort although there are ways to minimize pain. We recommend that you stretch slowly and give your ears time to heal before going up to the next size. Moving too fast while stretching is a big driver of pain.
  12. How long between ear stretching? We recommend that you wait until your ear is fully healed and not sore. Around 2-6 months is a general time to wait between stretches, the time frame is different for each and every person and depends on how your body heals and reacts to the stretching.
  13. How much does ear stretching cost? First you need to get your ears pierced: Price around $20-55. Then you need to buy a few care items: $10+. A simple taper set with plugs from Spencers costs around $14.99 This is just one set! So each time you want to size up it’ll be about $14.99. BUT don't throw away your money!! Buy an entire gauges kit from us starting at $10.98 and this set comes with multiple tapers and tunnels to help you stretch up multiple sizes! View it here: GAUGES KIT . Don't forget your organic ear stretching cream or balm $10.99
  14. What does ear stretching symbolize? There are different things that ear stretching has symbolized for different cultures. For some cultures ear stretching has signified coming of age, a beauty enhancer, for sexuality, religious reasons, and now its been widely adopted in the body modification community.
  15. What does ear stretching feel like? After stretching your ears may feel warm and often feel a slight tingle or sting. (but not enough to be in pain). But if you stretch too big too fast then you may feel sharp pain and it will hurt longer than usual, and other complications may arise. So please be patient and don't skip sizes.
  16. What is ear stretching called? Its just called ear stretching. Gauges is a term used to describe the size of the ear stretching jewelry. The ear stretching jewelry are called plugs, tunnels, eyelets, hangers.
  17. What is ear stretching blowout? Overstretching tends to result in a buildup of scar tissue and reduction of healthy blood flow It can also cause an unsightly “blowout,” in which a section of skin pushes out to the back of the ear lobe. It looks like a red irritated ring of scar tissue buildup.
  18. What stores sell ear stretching kits? We do!! Check them out here: BodyJ4You Gauges Kits 
  19. What culture started ear stretching? The oldest found human mummy is a man called  Ötzi the iceman. His ears were stretched to the size of a 0 to 00 gauge. He was found in the Italian Alps. Before Otzi was found there was an Egyptian mummy that also had his ears stretched. Other well known figures that had their ears stretched are King Tut, Buddha, The Fulani tribe (from Nigeria and central Africa), The Maasai people (Kenya), Soura tribe (India), Asain Hill Tribes (SouthEast Asia), The Huaorani Tribe (Ecuador).
  20. What to use as ear stretching lube? Find an organic lubricant. We sell our very own...BodyJ4You Holey Butt'r it’s a premium ear care crème to maintain stretched ear lobes. Contains a natural blend of emollients and moisturizers including Karanja oil, Jojoba Oil, and Soy Butter. 
  21. Why does ear stretching smell? The smell is caused from dead skin cells, bacteria, and an oily secretion that secreteS from the ears called sebum. When you mix all those together it makes a stinky smell. To prevent the stinky smell make sure you are cleaning your jewelry, and your ears. Check out this post to see exactly how to go about taking care of your ears. CLICK HERE

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