Unique Body Piercing Ideas | BodyJ4You Blog

Unique Body Piercing Ideas | BodyJ4You Blog

Body piercings are a great way to get creative with your body but if you don't know where to place your next piercing, you’re in the right place! We are going to give you a bunch of unique piercing ideas! Today’s body jewelry blog is going to be all about the unique body piercings people get, and how they are styled. The thing we LOVE about piercings is the creativity you can have with them and their placements. Whether you have multiple piercings or are trying to decide where to place your first one, read on for some piercing ideas! When you’re ready to go and try one of these ideas out be sure to go to your local piercing professional or tattoo shop.

  • Double Belly Button Piercing
    • This piercing is as the name says, its two piercings around the belly button area. The most common is the vertical belly button piercing placement. The two belly button piercings are pierced stacked on top of one another. (see photo for reference)Source
    • Other double piercing ideas are the horizontal belly button piercing (two piercings near the belly button that are side by size), and the quad piercing (a blend of the horizontal and vertical piercings).
    • This piercing trend is for someone who likes that extra bling and navel attention or for one who just wants to spice up their belly piercing.
  • Curated Ear
    • This is a trend that's been pretty popular in the ear piercing world. A curated ear piercing is an ear that is full of earrings, but carefully curated so that the piercings and jewelry all go together. Over are the days where you would slowly get an ear piercing added to your ear, now it's trendy to go and get all the piercings done at once with the end goal being a carefully pierced ear filled with matched jewelry pieces.
    • It’s up to you and the piercer to collaborate on where you want the piercings on your ear and which jewelry will go where.

      We recommend that before going into a piercing shop you have some idea of what you want.That way your curated ear is styled to your specific aesthetic. We wrote an entire blog post about the curated ear trend, you can read it HERE.

    •  Source 
    • Double Nose Piercing: The double nose piercing is a trend that involves getting two piercings on the nose. The most popular type is getting a piercing on the left and right side of the nose. This type of piercing is great for those who like symmetry. (see photo below for a visual)
      •  Source
      • Another type of double nose piercing is a piercing in which both are on the same side on one nostril. See photo below for example. Source
      • A septum piercing and nose piercing on one side of the nostril are other common nose piercing combinations. See the photo below.  Source  
    • Ear Cuff and Lobe Piercing
      • This type of piercing involves 2 piercings, one piercing in the lobe and the other in the upper ear cartilage. There are jewelry pieces that cater to an ear lobe piercing without an upper ear cartilage piercing. We have some HERE. This type of jewelry would be a lobe jewelry piece linked with an ear cuff. See the image below of an idea of how it would look. 
    • Gauges With Earrings Through Them
      • This seems to be a creative trend involving stretched ear lobes. When wearing tunnels add some accessory to it like a hoop earring with hanging charms, or add a few simple hoops. Tunnels are often times simple and for those that want some extra dangle or style it's very simple to be creative with hoop earrings and add them to the tunnels for an added effect. Other things we have seen is buying tunnels that already have the attached charms. We have a few styles in our store, you can view them HERE and HERE 

    These unique trends are great examples of how you can break out of the common piercing styles and add your own personal flair to them. Most people have traditional piercings like pierced earlobes and nose rings...etc. Now is your time to shine whether you are an experienced pierced individual or you’re feeling adventurous and want to get pierced for the first time. Have fun with it! We recommend that any of your piercing endeavors are performed by a trained and licensed professional.

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