Laser Tattoo Removal:  How to Care for Your Skin During and After

Laser Tattoo Removal: How to Care for Your Skin During and After

Ever since tattooing started to become more mainstream, laser tattoo removal has been a prominent feature around the world too. Tattoos are technically considered “permanent”, but as a result of the latest technologies it is possible to remove them partially or fully with the right treatment. If you’re about to go through the process for the first time, you might have a lot of questions on your mind. Our quick guide over here should tell you everything you need to know about what to expect, how it works and most importantly of all, how to care for your skin as you go about each session.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive process that breaks up the tattoo pigment colors with a high-intensity light beam. Q-switched lasers are typically used, although there are other options available and simultaneously being developed as technologies change and improve. Black tattoo pigment can absorb all last wavelengths, meaning it is one of the easier colors to treat effectively. Specific lasers can be used to treat other colors and these are equally good at removing tattoos completely over time. Be mindful that it might take several sessions to achieve the desired result.

Immediate Protection After Treatment

Laser tattoo removal is not a pain-free process. You should expect mild levels of discomfort, but if you managed to get through the process of getting the tattoo without too much panic or stress, you should be fine. Laser removal sessions are a lot shorter than the tattooing process, although it will take about a week or two for the skin to heal after each session. For the first two to three days, cover the area with antibiotic healing ointment. Keep it bandaged and only remove the bandage after 72 hours. Do what you can to keep the area as dry and clean as possible too. 


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Other Things to Avoid During the Healing Process

Aside from keeping the area bandaged, clean and dry, it’s important for you to remember a few other important things. Don’t do any vigorous exercise during the first three days, and be careful not to do anything that will leave you sweating a lot during the full healing process. Don’t pick at any scabs or blisters that might form to avoid scarring. Exposure to the sun is a no-no, as is drinking too much alcohol. This might result in avoidable accidents, bumps or scrapes in the area, which will ultimately hinder the healing process and set your follow-up appointment back by some time. 

A Helpful Product for Positive Results

Earlier, we mentioned applying an antibiotic healing ointment to the area after every laser session. The BodyJ4You team is very proud of its natural, paraben-free Laser Aftercare Box, which has been designed to promote healing and can be gently massaged into the affected area. The product can be used two to three times a day to moisturize and maintain the skin too. Our unique blend of oils and flower extract is tried and tested and one of the best offerings in the market today. We look forward to helping you with the healing process after every laser tattoo removal session. 

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