Tattoo Aftercare:  What You Need to Know to Keep Your Ink Looking Fresh

Tattoo Aftercare: What You Need to Know to Keep Your Ink Looking Fresh

So you’ve made the decision to get some new ink this year. Hell yes! This is an exciting decision that should be embraced with open arms. Doing so means planning everything from the design to who will be doing it, right through to how you’re going about preventing infection and keeping the tattoo looking its best over time. You’ll (hopefully) be living with it for the rest of your life after all. If you’re about to get a tattoo for the first time, or you’re a returning customer looking to get some fresh ink, the recovery process is exactly the same. Here are the basics for you to be mindful of. 

Why Tattoo Aftercare is Important

Any time you open your skin, your body is vulnerable to scarring and infections. Aftercare is essential to minimize the risk of either, and to help your new work of art heal as quickly as possible. The tattoo artist has an important role to play here. If they can’t give you advice on the best way to go about aftercare, they might not be the best person to do the tattoo itself. Moisturizers and creams are a godsend when it comes to recovery. Check out our video on the benefits of using a tattoo aftercare cream to learn more about what they can do. 

Early Stages: Preventing Infection

The #1 goal during the early recovery process should be to prevent infection. Although only a small amount of people experience complications after getting a tattoo, with more people getting tattoos these days, the number is on an upward trajectory. Preventing infection requires thorough yet delicate cleaning twice a day along with some antibacterial ointment, cream or moisturizer. Our 100% vegan balm is a popular choice for many people, along with the full recovery soap kit.


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Fresh Looking Ink

Part of the aftercare process when you’ve gotten a tattoo is committing to reducing fading and keeping the ink looking fresh. There are a couple of things you can prioritize to make this happen. Firstly, do what you can to keep it out of direct sunlight where possible. Try not to scratch the tattoo either. Never soak a tattoo until it is fully healed, and stay away from alcohol or recreational substances during the healing process. Do what you can to avoid situations that might wear on your tattoo and hinder the healing process, perhaps even ruining the design in the long run too. 

Expert Advice When You Need It

The BodyJ4You team consists of experts that have been refining their craft in the body and fashion jewelry space for over 16 years. Aside from offering a range of options for creative expression, we are also committed to helping to make the recovery process after getting a tattoo or going through ear gauging as simple and painless as possible. Products are quality checked and created by following strict safety regulations. We’re happy to offer any advice on the process, the best options for your needs, as well as celebrating your new body ink or piercing with you. 

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