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What is a segment ring? A segment ring is a hooped piercing jewelry with a specialized hinge or segment that can be inserted into a variety of piercings to give a seamless look. They are inspired by captive bead rings but provides a smoother look since it does not have a bead.



Segment rings come in two different types: 

  1. A normal segment ring has a piece that can be completely removed when inserting or removing the jewelry. It is then twisted or snapped back into place to secure the piercing.
  2. A hinged segment ring as the name suggests has a hinge that can be open and closed effortlessly. It is opened and inserted in the piercing then the prong is snapped to close.


Image of a segment ring 

Where can segment rings be worn? Segment rings are very versatile and can be worn in almost any piercing. They make great earrings, septum rings, lip rings, hoop nose rings or even nipple rings.

How do you open segment rings/hinged segment rings without pliers? Opening segments rings is usually very simple and straightforward. 

To open a normal segment ring, slightly twist the ends in opposite directions but do not pull apart sideways; this will be difficult to pull it back together in its normal position. 

While for the hinged ring, hold the loop in which the segment portion is located with your index finger and thumb while steadying the bottom of the ring with the other hand. Push the segment gently on one side until it pops out.

The insertion…Once the ring is open, position it into the desired piercing area by gently inserting one end of the main part of the hoop into the hole and ease the segment back in place by pushing on one end of the segment. Gently twist the other end of the ring to the side while closing it. 

When the segment of the ring is secured on one end, twist the other end back towards the segment until you are able to push the prong and snap the segment completely in place. 

This should be simple to do for smaller gauges such as 18G and 14G but some gauges require the use of pliers to pull the pieces apart and to reinsert them into the hoop.

How do you remove a hinged segment ring? To remove a normal segment ring, hold the main section of the hoop and slightly twist the removable section in order to release it from its position. It should then be easier to remove by pulling the ring slightly apart. However, if you are removing a hinged segment ring, gently press the movable end of the hoop to release it and you will be able to lift it away using the hinge. Once the ring is open carefully slide it out of your piercing and you are done.

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What are smooth segment rings? Smooth segment rings are a variety of piercing rings that offer a sleek, seamless look when inserted. The smooth segment ring features a curved portion that can be removed to open and close the ring. When the segment is in, the smooth segment ring looks like a solid ring and can be rotated 360 degrees through the piercing. This means that they are very comfortable to wear and less likely to become tangled on clothing or hair resulting in less irritation and a shorter healing time.

This is also called a normal segment ring.

Image of a smooth segment ring

How do you open a smooth segment ring? To open a smooth segment ring, the removable segment needs to be carefully removed. It is possible to unscrew this by hand, however, it can be difficult for some persons. As such, it is recommended that a pair of ring opening pliers are used to open the smooth segment ring. Insert the tips of the pliers into the ring and gently pry open the ring to release the segment. 

To close the smooth segment ring, use the pliers to open the ring a little and replace the segment into the slot. However, if the ring is a little too wide, use a pair of ring closing pliers to tighten it and ensure the segment is properly secured. 

What is a clicker ring? A clicker ring comes in a half loop shape and uses a hinge that has a ‘clicking’ clasp. When inserted, there is a click to signify that it is closed and secure. Also, some clicker rings have a thick gauge hoop with a smaller clicker gauge post. This type of clicker rings can be used in various piercings such as the septum, nipple, daith and cartilage piercings.  

Images of clicker ring

Can you wear a clicker in a nostril piercing?  Yes, a clicker ring can be worn in a almost any piercing, including a nostril piercing.

What is a seamless ring? A seamless ring is a piercing jewelry in which there is an opening where the two ends of the circle meet. This is also known as a continuous piercing and provides a seamless look as the name suggests. 

How do you open a seamless ring?  To open a seamless ring, locate the opening where the 2 ends meet and hold each side of the ring, one side in each hand. Gently move one hand towards your body and the other hand away from your body, this creates a slight ‘twist’, and opens the ring. 

The ring can then be inserted into the piercing.

How do you close a seamless ring?  To close the ring, gently twist the ends of the ring in the opposite direction and back into place. The process can be repeated to also remove the ring from the piercing 

My seamless nose ring stuck, what to do? If a ring gets stuck in any piercing, try to clean the area with saline solution or hydrogen peroxide before attempting to remove it. If it is still stuck, contact your piercer or a health care professional.


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