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Did you know that after getting a piercing you could develop something called a keloid scar, otherwise known as, a piercing bump? What exactly is a piercing bump and why does it form? Let's dive into it.. What Are Keloids (Piercing Bumps)? Keloid scars are reddish, brown, thick raised scars that usually form around the earlobes, shoulders, chest, or cheeks. They are created due to surgery, accidents, acne, or getting pierced. They can also be caused by other body modifications. They can take anywhere from a few weeks to many months to form. These scars are nothing to be worried...

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Ear Stretching Safety Are you thinking of stretching your ears? Or are in need of some information on how to stretch your ears safely? You have come to the right place. We at BodyJ4You carry a wide selection of gauging kits. Aside from what we carry, we also want to be your go to source for information regarding ear stretching safety and care. Ear stretching is a rewarding type of body modification. It garners visual satisfaction from patience and dedication. The avenues to express yourself are endless, it allows one to wear something impactful, unique, and bold. Before you can...

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As 2017 come to a close, we thought we’d look at the most popular body jewelry and piercing trends that made a mark this year and also appear to be headliners for 2018. Piercings are one of the easiest ways to keep your finger on the most current fashion pulse.  It’s great to be innovative and display your creativity in the way you present your unique personality to the world. Many people do this by following the latest trends in clothing, makeup, and hairstyles etc. but if you want something more permanent and impactful, piercings are the best way to...

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