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This year has been a year of learning how to collect unexpected chaos moments and transform them into something meaningful. As we have all had to take a step back from each other, we have focused more on ourselves and our own well-beings. This has lead to the beautiful emergence of the rise of individuality within our society. Like the chaos we have transformed this year, some of us have also done so with piercings clusters. With an amount that may seem overwhelming, chaotic even, ear jewelry clusters have been arranged in such a visually appealing way that it becomes...

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What To Know Before Getting a Lip or Labret Piercing

Maybe you were graced by a touch of class upon passing someone with a Monroe labret piercing or enchanted by a Medusa piercing in the delicate dip above their lips and the idea of getting one too excited you. Labret piercings bring out the beauty of the mouth and can be combined in so many ways to complement your unique style.

In this article, we will cover the different kinds of labret / lip piercings, a bit of history, the processes, and care.

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What To Know Before Getting A Tongue Piercing

Tongue piercings are like pleasant little surprises when you discover someone has one. You notice a flick of metallic shine between someone's pearly whites as they speak or share a laugh. Oral piercings bring out the beauty of the mouth by furthering it as a form of expression.
In this article, we will cover the different kinds of tongue piercings, the process, and care.

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What To Know Before Getting A Nose Piercing

Everything you need to know about nostril piercings! A brief history, jewelry types, aftercare, and inspiration.

Since (what seems like) the beginning of time, nose rings have adorned a global sea of colorful faces to signify a rite of passage, marital status, financial status, connections with religion, or simply to beautify.

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What Should I Know Before Getting My Belly Button Pierced?

It may be hard for you to think of the belly ring you got from back in the day as a modern-day adornment of choice. However, they have taken a turn after the last two decades for the better. Just like their wearers, they have matured and can be seen in elegant forms. The piercing is no longer limited to perfectly fit female model midriffs but rather people of every body type, gender, and color.


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